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always available, devoted to balance and ease of drinking
they are all made with organic cereals, some are certified BIO and some are GLUTEN FREE. click on the plug disk to open the tab.
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Our blonde is dedicated to the most famous pilgrim of the Via Francigena: SIGERIC, archbishop of Canterbury, was the first to write a diary of his journey, in 990 AD This is why it is the first step in the world of craft beers



A couple of centuries after Sigeric, another famous pilgrim passed through these lands: it was NIKULAS, abbot of Munkathverà, in Iceland. He was a pilgrim and a navigator and we dedicate to him a light, strong and enveloping beer, our 9.5% vol Tripel.


In ROME, the city where all roads end, including the Via Francigena, our 5% vol India Pale Ale pays homage. Light, with exotic scents and a fruity taste, it is a balm for every pilgrim tired from the long journey on foot


The DETOUR bruin is the beer made for explorers, those who travel for  discover new things, choosing to deviate from the marked roads: 6% vol beer, with a splendid ruby color and hints of red fruits and toasted malts


Finally, the ERRANTE, blanche made with ancient Tuscan grains, is a light beer, 5% vol, with a light body and slightly spicy scents, made for those who know that travel is a wonderful metaphor for life
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special releases

they are born from the creative intuitions of our brewers
are ONE SHOT not to be missed
barrel aged imperial saison - 9.3% vol

Our Altrove Saison in a special version, aged for 6 months in the best barrel of our barrel cellar. Dry, aromatic and spicy.

Elsewhere is the destination of journeys made with the mind, without moving. It is a daydream of cotton candy, exotic fruits, fresh flowers, spices, rocking music and great feats. Elsewhere is the beer of those who always have at least one project, which is often impossible.
This special version matured in barriques that had previously housed the wines of a large winery in Bolgheri, Tuscany. This step enhances the character of the base beer, making it extraordinarily intense, dry and round. On the palate the delicate hints of wood emerge, accompanied by notes of spices and citrus.
It lends itself to aging.

The label is taken from the film Fitzcarraldo, by W. Herzog. A great dreamer, at any cost.